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You've seen the popular TV show ER, Doris lived it! She learned about the importance of the three Ps of People, Partnership, and Performance while serving over 25 years in ORs and Trauma units of major heath care systems. Health care is first and foremost a people business. Without people there is no business. People must work together to realize success. Your leaders partner with staff to set and achieve standards of care goals. Your staff partner with patients to accomplish health goals.
High Performance comes from Partnerships with fulfilled people. Doris has the proven ability to motivate individuals to take action and implement results-oriented change. Using her extensive experience and knowledge of nursing and the health care industry, Doris can provide proven and practical approaches to address the challenges facing health care organizations today. When dozens, hundreds, thousands, of employees work at peak performance, so does your organization.
The full power of your organization is achieved when people are involved. When employees are committed, in control of their responses, and accept daily events as challenges - they make their greatest contribution. The cultural norm is to act, not react. Creativity is enhanced. Communication improves. Staff manages well under pressure and makes good decisions. The most inspiring leadership qualities emerge.
Doris Young will help you transform the side effects of change and uncertainty, and bring renewed energy back into your workplace as well as the personal lives of your employees. Since completing her education through Ph.D., Doris is armed with many tools that will transform health care management, leadership, staff effectiveness, performance quality, and nursing retention.
You want your health care organization to have cutting edge performance. Our nurse retention programs will boost nurse performance, productivity, health, and well-being while dramatically reducing turnover.
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