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Imagine having instant command of the resources and expertise you need to create results for yourself and your team that until now seemed unimaginable.

Visualize waking up six months from now BEING FULLY AWARE you now have a PROVEN METHOD that is guaranteed to make you and everyone around you perform at their peak and enjoy coming to work everyday!


Service to humanity is your passion, but your first priority is to maintain your personal motivation and drive. Doris has a proven guide to make your life everything you want it to be so you can always give your very best to everyone else. Her seminars are for nurses and healthcare leaders who want to possess high energy.

Recognize your unique way fo handling conflict and learn strategies for working through issues and value diverse co-workers. Doris will help you have more fun and enjoy better interactions with others.


Learn to be a master change expert who helps individuals transform current behaviors and produce deep, lasting significant results. Healthcare leaders who have the “Heart of a Coach” inspire lasting loyalty!

Be a leader who helps individuals consciously make choices instead of letting things happen and a leader who creates a workplace by design rather then by default. 

Doris will  provide you with the tools that will allow you to create a workplace where workers want to come to work.


Identify how to continually feel energized while you work.  Doris will support, challenge, and encourage you while you redesign your day-to-day work life and rejuvenate the song in your heart and the spring in your step. She has spent years providing techniques and coaching to support nurses and healthcare leaders to perform at their best and enjoy life too.

Nurses and manager alike will gain tremendous benefit from Doris' profound coaching methods that they can use immediately.

Does your organization have Retention Deficit Disorder?

  • Are you wasting money addressing high turnover related issues?
  • Do you have difficulty attracting the nurses you need?
  • Are you constantly training new replacements for nurses who have left?
  • Are you using more agency nurses than you want?
  • Do you harbor chronic complainers because you fear greater losses?
  • Are you looking for a way to keep your great nurses?
  • Do you want to inspire loyalty to your organization?

A survey done by Nursefinders found that 85 percent of healthcare facilities believe work-related stress is a major factor in the overall nursing shortage, 77 percent consider work-related stress to be the main cause in nurses leaving the profession entirely, and 76 percent think work-related stress is the primary reason nurses leave hospital duty. 

Taking into account reported turnover rates of 20 percent among the 2 million nurses in the United States; work-related stress is contributing to a $26 billion challenge for U.S. healthcare facilities today.

Link to Doris New Book

Doris' long awaited book Save the First Dance For You is now available. Click the image of the book for information on how to order your copy, or click right here to buy Now!

Doris Young, "The Nurse Doctor", can help you solve your nurse retention problem through coaching and help you create health care workplaces that inspire loyalty. Give her a call ... Today!

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